What is TrendSpottr?

TrendSpottr is a web service that identifies real-time trends from the social web (for example, Twitter, Facebook, and soon Google+) for any search term or topic of interest. The algorithms used by TrendSpottr are tuned to identify real-time trends at their acceleration point in order to provide early and predictive insights. TrendSpottr consistently identifies trends and trending information hours or even days before they become "popular" and reach a level of general awareness. These early insights are invaluable to journalists, editors, traders, advertisers, brand managers, and trend hunters that need to be "ahead of the curve" to prepare for and predict market and social behaviors, consumer preferences, impending crises, and major trending events.

How to use TrendSpottr

TrendSpottr works very much like a search engine. Enter any keyword, topic, hashtag, or @name into the TrendSpottr search bar and click "Spot" to initiate a search for real-time trends about that query. You can also click on any of the Popular Topics (for example, Technology, Economy, Sports, and so on) and Popular Searches on the left hand sidebar to view real-time trending information for these topics and search terms.

How to use Twitter Lists

TrendSpottr also supports searches on Twitter list URLs. To use this feature, simply cut, paste and enter a Twitter list URL into the TrendSpottr search bar, for example:

TrendSpottr will then identify real-time trends from this highly relevant and curated list. There are several Twitter list directories that feature the top Twitter lists by topic or keyword, including listorious.com, listatlas.com and www.twibes.com. In addition, you can create your own Twitter list and use that URL, or visit any user's Twitter profile page and select from any of their Twitter lists.

How to view and share your TrendSpottr search results

TrendSpottr trending results are presented on a single page and are organized into five categories (where applicable): Trending Headlines, Trending Images, Trending Videos, Trending Hashtags, and Trending Sources. Click on the "More" button at the far right of each category to reveal additional results when available. To view a trending headline, image, or video, click on that result and TrendSpottr will open the article, photo, or video in a new window. Click on "Recent Posts" to reveal the most recent tweets and posts related to trending piece of content.

There are two ways to share TrendSpottr content:

  • There are social sharing buttons at the bottom of each trending result. Use these sharing buttons to share the link to the specific article, video or image;
  • When viewing a specific trending headline, video or image in TrendSpottr's viewer, you can use the Twitter and Facebook buttons to share that specific piece of content. Clicking on the two other icons will take you to the original source of the content and close the TrendSpottr viewer.

Tips and Tricks

To discover trending information about a specific user, enter their @name into the TrendSpottr search bar (for example, @barackobama, @scobleizer).

To find real-time trends about stocks, enter the stock symbol preceded by the "$" sign (for example, $aapl, $goog).

To see what's trending now for a particular content source, enter that source's custom URL shortener (for example, yhoo.it, reut.rs, tgam.ca) and TrendSpottr will show what articles and stories are trending right now.

To compare the trending results for two or more search queries, or news sources, use the OR search operator (for example, Nyti.ms OR Wapo.st, iPhone OR Galaxy S III)

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