About Us

TrendSpottr is a real-time trend intelligence platform that predicts emerging content, influencers and sentiment for any topic or search query. Our technology and products detect accelerating trends with high viral potential and market impact from Twitter and other data sources hours or days before they have become "popular" and reached mainstream awareness.

TrendSpottr serves as an early warning system for Fortune 500 companies, PR and digital agencies, news and media organizations and content and social marketers.

Leading companies and agencies such as Bloomberg, Deloitte, WPP, Sprinklr, Dell, Leo Burnett and Publicis use TrendSpottr to optimize their content marketing, crisis management, media planning, market research and social ad buying initiatives.

TrendSpottr has partnered with some of the world's largest social marketing and big data platforms, including Salesforce, HootSuite and DataSift to transform social media noise into actionable early signals.

TrendSpottr launched at the prestigious DEMO Conference, was selected by ComputerWorld as one of the Top 20 Tech Products and was featured in The New York Times.

Find out more about us and our ability to predict trends in real-time from big data by trying out our products: TrendSpottr Signal, TrendSpottr Alerts and TrendSpottr Widgets.

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